19th International Literature Festival Berlin

The capital is enriched with international writers and discussions on the theme of culture

September 17th, 2019
Simona Losito, News from Berlin
20190917_19th International Literature Festival Berlin.jpg

Every year in September, the International Literature festival Berlin presents contemporary prose, poetry, non-fiction, graphic novels and children's and young people's literature from all over the world, with new discoveries on an equal footing with literary greats. Readings, discussions, encounters and workshops offer the public a broad insight into international literary events and are dedicated to personal stories as well as scientific discourses and political topics.

From 11th to 21st September the festival takes place in various locations across Berlin. It offers people the extraordinary chance to get intensive access to the worldwide literary scene in all its diverse forms, temperaments, and styles. During the festival, the capital becomes a center and platform for the resonance of international literature. The International Literary festival Berlin is committed to human rights, a cosmopolitan outlook, multiple perspectives, dialogue and hospitality.

The event is promoted by the British Embassy. In fact, among the authors of the United Kingdom are Robert Macfarlane, Marcus du Sautoy, Perry Anderson, Michel Faber, Meena Samy Samy, Madawi Al-Rasheed and Alex Wheatle, Clémentine Beauvais.

It is a great opportunity to discover and learn about the nuances of other cultures through literature.


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