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The Embassy of Cuba in Berlin


Address: Stavangerstrasse 20, 10439 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: (+49) 30 9 16 11 811

Fax: (+49) 30 91 64 553

Email: embacuba-berlinbotschaft-kubade


The Ambassador

Amb. René Juan Mujica Cantelar

Cuba - Rene Juan Mujica Cantelar.jpg

Amb. René Juan Mujica Cantelar holds a diploma in History from the University of La Habana.

He has worked as a diplomat since 1967 in Cuba and in 1996 he began working overseas in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the E.U.

He has been the Cuban Ambassador to Germany since 21st of October 2013. Amb. Cantelar is fluent in English and French.



Relations between Germany and Cuba run along the same lines as those between the European Union and Cuba. The two sides are engaged in negotiations on an agreement on cooperation and political dialogue. Germany welcomes the process of rapprochement between the United States and Cuba, which began in December 2014 and also of Cuba’s efforts to implement economic reforms. Germany is also open to the future development of bilateral relations, however these are dependent on how the human rights situation in Cuba evolves.

With regard to economic agreements, in 2014 German exports to Cuba were worth approximately EUR 191 million, compared with approximately EUR 185 million the previous year. Cuban exports to Germany amounted to EUR 33 million, compared with approximately EUR 48 million in the previous year. Germany’s principal exports to Cuba were machinery, chemical and pharmaceutical products, plastic goods, food, medical equipment, motor vehicles and vehicle parts. Cuba’s main exports to Germany were alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and honey as well as fruit and vegetable juices. In 2000 a bilateral debt restructuring agreement settled the matter of Cuba’s foreign debts to Germany, enabling Hermes export credit guarantees to be resumed as well.

As for development cooperation, the German Embassy in Havana supports a number of micro-projects every year, most of which are implemented through church-affiliated organisations and Several German non-governmental organisations engaged in Cuba. In relation to cultural relations, of particular importance are the exchange and practical networking between Cuban cultural workers and Germany’s cultural scene. Young dramatists and directors from Cuba have been able to complete guest stints at German theatres and Cuban film-makers have been invited to participate in the Berlin Film Festival.