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The Embassy of Bolivia in Berlin


Address: Wichmannstrasse. 6 Berlin, D-10787

Tel.: +49 30 263 91 50

Fax:+49 30 263 915 15

E-mail: embajada.bolivia@berlin.de


The Ambassador

Amb. Jorge Cardenas Robles

Bolivia_Jorge Cardenas Robles.jpg

Amb. Jorge Cardenas Robles was appointed as Ambassador of Bolivia to Germany in April 2016.

Amb. Robles graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and also obtained an MBA in Sustainable Development and Tourism.

He worked as a product and marketing manager at Magri Turismo from 1997 until 2012. From 2006 until 2012 he also work as a professor for the Universidad Católica San Pablo en Bolivia. In 2012 he became the Ambassador of Bolivia to India. From 2002 he worked as an Independent Sustainable Tourism Consultant and helped in the development of Marketing Plans and Product Design in Adventure Travel, Community Tourism and Eco-tourism.



Bilateral relations are characterized by numerous long-standing ties involving the two countries’ governments, parliaments and civil society organizations.

Bolivian Development Planning Minister, Orellana, visited Germany in May 2015, attending the Petersberg Climate Dialogue and heading the Bolivian delegation at the intergovernmental negotiations on development cooperation in Berlin. Bolivian President, Evo Morales, visited Berlin and Hamburg in November 2015 accompanied by a large ministerial delegation. In January 2016, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Bomba visited Bolivia accompanied by a business delegation. It proved possible to initiate business activities in the infrastructure, energy and mining sectors.

Bolivia’s main exports to Germany are mineral resources (lead, tin and silver ores) and agricultural produce (nuts, coffee, soya products, quinoa and millet) as well as leather and textile goods. Its principal imports from Germany are machinery, motor vehicles and vehicle parts, chemical and pharmaceutical products, electrical goods and measurement and control technology.