The Constituent Meeting of the Franco-German Assembly

Paris and Berlin intend to strengthen a weakened European project and harmonize the legislative texts between the two countries with a new Assembly made up of one hundred deputies

April 05th, 2019
Margareta Calugher, News from Berlin
20190405_The Constituent Meeting.jpg

Adopted by the Bundestag and the National Assembly on March 11, the brand new Fran-co-German Assembly held its first constituent meeting on Monday, March 25 in Paris.

The Franco-German assembly is composed of 50 French and 50 Germans members, and it meets twice a year. Its main mission is giving political impetus to strengthen the Franco-German cooperation. It will ensure the application of the Aix-la-Chapelle treaty and that of the decisions of the Franco-German Council of Ministers, particularly in the field of cross-border cooperation and coordination of transpositions of European directives in identical terms in both countries.

Coming to a common ground would help in such areas as trade or agriculture and make life easier for businesses at the tax level. Nonetheless, there are historical differences in the writing of laws between the two countries and even when there are new texts at the European level today, their implementation often differs between the two neighbors.


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