Minister Maria Elena Boschi in Berlin

Italian Minister Maria Elena Boschi was in Germany, for two days to talk about the future of Italy

June 03rd, 2016
Paola Pluchino, News from Berlin

The Minister Maria Elena Boschi was in Berlin on the 30th and the 31st of May in order to attend two different events. The first one took place in the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung, and covered the strategies of modernisation in Italy and its constitutional reforms. The second was held along with the SPD Vice-President Manuela Schwesig. This second event was largely an exchange between two close parties, namely the PSD and the DP. The main thing about it especially, is the place of the event, since the Konrad Adenauer is the Stiftung close to Angela Merkel’s party, the CDU.

The Ministers speech dealt with a variety of different issues, including the European Union crisis, job policies within the EU, terrorism and of course migration flows. According to Minister Boschi, these issues need to be addressed by the world as a whole as they indirectly effect each continent. She also payed particular focus on the recently deceased German sociologist Ulrich Beck and his model ‘risk society.’ With regard to the constitutional reforms in Italy, she also made the point that it would be in the country’s favour to reproduce the German model, of course leaving some room for differences as the conditions would not allow the same result.

In particular the reform provides a reduction of tasks and competences for the Senate as it will be constituted by regional counselors and as it does not provide any additional payment the Senate won’t be responsible to guarantee the trust towards the government, although it will remain an important consultation body. The final message of the Minister is to think about the future of the country and not in terms of sympathy of antipathy to the current government.

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