Gnaoua Festival Berlin

A festival of music and culture from countries in West Africa

July 17th, 2019
Constanze Veronika Locker, News from Berlin
20190717_Gnaoua Festival Berlin.jpg

To us, Gnaoua stands above all other kinds of music. Its our childhood. Its spiritual healing, and it makes you feel grounded Asma Hamzaoui

The Gnaoua Festival will return to Berlin for the second time in WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN and with even more fun-filled cultural concerts, workshops, get-togethers, community events, master classes, exhibitions and more.

The three-day festival, from 15th 17th August will conduct master classes from different artists such as Majid Bekkas & Aly Keta, Simo Lagnawi and many more. This festival is aimed towards showcasing the rich musical culture of West Africa and the stories behind them.


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