G7 Foreign Ministers meet in Dinard and Saint Malo

The ministers discussed the fight against inequality and the strengthening of Democracy as their priority areas

April 08th, 2019
Maria Gobbi, News from Berlin
20190408_G7 Foreign Ministers.jpg

During the French Presidency of the G7, the foreign ministers have met in Dinard and Saint Malo on April 5th and 6th to discuss common actions towards inequality.

The Dinard and Saint Malo meeting has seen the participation of the foreign ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and the High Representative of the European Union. Since its creation, the G7 meetings have widened their scope from economic issues to include major challenges such as human rights, security, peace, development and climate change. What makes the dialogue between the G7 countries effective is the shared values and goals that connect them, ranging from democracy to respect of international law.

The meeting of the G7 foreign ministers which has taken place last week has seen the discussion of core issues concerning inequality around the World. In particular, the main areas of discussion have been the strengthening of democracy to face new threats and a joint effort to tackle security challenges. Moreover, as one of the French Presidency priorities, Africa has been given a specific session, dedicated to the fight to trafficking and the protection of women from sexual violence in the Sahel region.

The outcome of the meeting has been positive, with the production of different declarations, namely the “Dinard declaration on the partnership for a comprehensive and sustainable strategy to combat illicit trafficking in the Sahel region”, the “Dinard declaration on women, peace and security” and the “Dinard declaration on the cyber norm initiative”. The highlight of the present and future discussions under the French Presidency will be the G7 Summit in Biarritz, which will take place between 24 and 26 August 2019.


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