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‘Facciola’ – New Restaurant and Cultural Hub in Berlin

Facciola offers its visitors fine wine, home-made food and a unique cultural experience

April 20th, 2015

Tsvetelina Tomova - ‘Facciola’ restaurant is just a few months old, but is rapidly earning an important place on Berlin’s cultural scene. Featuring a wide variety of events – including exhibitions, cultural nights, workshops, wine tasting and exquisite food menus - it is confidently evolving into one of Berlin’s finest cultural hubs. The establishment is run by two young and ambitious Italian women – Federica Calbini and Aurora Facciola. On meeting with the owners, we had the opportunity to explore the business model and find out more. Federica works to make the restaurant a truly cultural location and experience, and Aurora takes care of the business and economic aspects: the duo makes an ideal combination for a establishing a successful, cultural business in Berlin.

The restaurant was founded at the end of summer 2014, with the hope of connecting Italy to Berlin, and representing and delivering Italian food and culture as best they could. Furthermore, the restaurant is designed to reflect its founders’ personalities. As such, it has a unique atmosphere with authentic feeling, connecting each customer with Aurora and Federica on a personal level.

Currently, ‘Facciola’ is organizing four different events. What is special about Facciola events is that they are all manufactured to connect people from different cultures, using a style called ‘dynamism and movement’, as Aurora explained. Since this is a wine bar as well as a restaurant, the food and wine are used as a basis for every event, a sort of a medium for the coming together of interesting cultural and social customs. ‘Foodscape’, combining food and landscapes, is a term that best exemplifies this use of food to explore art and other countries. The first event featured a region of northern Italy shared through a photographic exhibition and with an organization called Cuore Verde tra due Laghi which is responsible for the promotion of the region. The event also was interactive; visitors had the opportunity to take part in activities such as pasta making.

The next Foodscape is going to be related to Laos New Year celebrations. There is going to be a Laos cook and dancers giving performances for the coming of the New Year. The event is to be carried out with the help of a cultural association for artists from Laos who are based in Berlin. One of the main themes behind the event is the exploration of divides between East and West. The owners of the restaurant hope that the events they run will be a hive of cultural exchange, and will serve as a platform from which people can share values, ideas, traditions and beliefs.

One other event concept is called ‘Winessage”. It is a cultural concept, again focused on one specific geographical region. The first event was an international photographic exhibition, which examined the creation of a path of communication between artists form different countries. One of the most important things about communication between artists is the inspiration and motivation they can share with one another. The exhibition was organized as a preview of the main event, which will be held in Osaka.. ‘Facciola’ was created to serve as an artistic and cultural home for people from all over the world: a way to reach out to the foreign community in Berlin in a new and original way.

In the future, Aurora and Federica are planning to develop several events which will try to change and debate the ‘romanticized’ perception of the mafia in Italy. They want to familiarize the public with the reality of the situation in Italy and hopefully help to create a public opinion that is more aware of their home country and its struggled.

Another concept that is currently being developed is ‘Opera vino’. This is a project held with the help of opera singers who will give performances at the restaurant for a more intimate and personal event. In addition to their performances, the professionals plan to teach the basics of opera singing to audience memebrs. The idea is to create an unusual way for this kind of art to reach people.

Finally, ‘Facciola’ is working with ‘Great Berlin’ – a trio Greek men, who cook and share their home culinary produce to an international audience. They have a similar approach to Facciola’s founders when it comes to selecting the products, so they are a perfect match for this establishment. For one night, the bar will be transformed into a Greek bar. The methods of preparation and the quality of the products are what is important.

‘Facciola” truly is an ideal cultural hub, a place for everyone, whether a foreigner or Berlin local. 



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