“Environmental Migrants. The Last Illusion”

Heinrich Böll Stiftung Will Host a Photographic Exhibition about the Environmental Migration in June

June 01st, 2016
Valentina Mazzone, News from Berlin

On the 24th of June and on the 14th of July the Political Foundation Ambassador Heinrich Böll Stiftung, will host a photographic exhibition entitled “Environmental Migrants”. The project, curated by the Italian photographer Alessandro Grassani, documents the environmental migration in Kenya, Mongolia and Bangladesh. The exhibition aims to expose the difficulties that emigrants have to deal with on a daily basis. Millions of people have had to flee their homes because of natural disasters, desertification and flooding, they then arrive to big cities where they then have to manage new problems.

This initiative first came to be in 2008, when the photographer discovered that there are currently more people living in cities than the countryside and that these increasing number of inhabitants in cosmopolitan areas often correlates to the increasing changes in the environments and climate change. These changes in the environment often mean that families and individuals have to abandon their homes and go to these sprawling cities. He decided to showcase these stories through photography.

The exhibition includes three chapters: the first one is about Ulaan Baator, in Mongolia, the second one is about Dhaka, in Bangladesh, and the third one is about Nairobi in Kenya. These different stories demonstrate the varying impacts that climate change has on different regions and states throughout the world, and to explain the environmental migration process, from the extreme cold in Mongolia to the desertification process in the African continent and then the river floods, cyclones and the increasing rise in the sea level in Bangladesh.

The exhibition wants to sensitize public opinion towards the migrant topic, let them know the difficulties that the migrants have to face every day in leaving their homes and their countries behind. The project, which will be exhibited for the first time, on two different dates here in Berlin, was already shown in Paris, London, Madrid, Venice, Geneva and Tokyo.


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