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German-Polish_Piotr Stachanczyk.JPG

Polish State Secretary Meets Minister President: A Testament to German-Polish Cooperation
Berlin; July 10th, 2014

A meeting between the two coordinators for the German-Polish cross-border cooperation took place this weekend at Potsdam. (more)
Football Tournament.jpg

Alltogether - European Youth Football Festival
Berlin; July 10th, 2014

Another great opportunity for building intercultural dialogue in Berlin! KOMM MIT invites everyone to paritcipate or watch the ‘ALLtogether – European Youth Football Festival’ - a unique football tournament for… (more)
Ai Weiwei.jpg

Joachim Gauck Visits Ai Weiwei Exhibition after Merkel’s Recent Visit to China
Berlin; July 09th, 2014

The German President Joachim Gauck is to visit the art exhibition ‘Evidence’ by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. The visit is seen as a gesture towards freedom of speech as… (more)

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Arts Exhibition at Irish Embassy.jpg

Arts Exhibition at Irish Embassy
Berlin; July 09th, 2014

A selection of black and white photography' by the Irish photographer and illustrator James Clancy will be on display for the months of July and August at the Irish Embassy in Berlin. (more)
Book Exhibition.JPG

Book Exhibition at the Mexican Embassy in Berlin
Berlin; July 07th, 2014

The Mexican Embassy in Berlin is hosting a book exhibition until August 15th. Entitled Artists’ Books – Libros de Artistas- the exhibition is to be found in the vestibule of… (more)
Play Nordic.JPG

PLAY NORDIC at the Nordic Embassies
Berlin; July 03rd, 2014

The Nordic Embassies event PLAY NORDIC starts on July 4th, and displays the current Nordic design and music scene in an innovative way. (more)

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Solo South Africa.jpg

Solo for South Africa: Moshekwa Langa – Art and Identity
Berlin; July 09th, 2014

The Berlin art gallery of the Institute for Foreign Relations will be hosting a solo exhibition for South-African artist Moshekwa Langa from July 11th till September 29th. The exhibition is part of a series, entitled “Solo for…”. (more)

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Bread and Butter.jpg

Fashion Trade Show Bread and Butter to Appear at New Locations
Berlin; July 08th, 2014

Bread and Butter’s director Karl-Heinz Müller wants to revamp the fashion trade show, which was previously only showcased in Berlin twice a year. For the winter show other locations are being taken into retrospect. (more)
20140707_Germany Strengthens Chinese Partnerships During Merkel Visit.jpg

Germany Strengthens Chinese Partnerships During Chancellors Visit
Berlin; July 07th, 2014

Various deals to strengthen the relations between Germany and China were announced on Monday, July  7th during the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s three day state visit to China. Merkel’s visit… (more)

German Government to Ban Fracking for 7 Years
Berlin; July 07th, 2014

Gas fracking is to be banned in Germany for the foreseeable future, specifically the fracking of gas in the higher lying rock layers. The rock is broken open by vertical… (more)

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Federal Interior Minister de Maizičre Meets Muslims During Ramadan
Berlin; July 09th, 2014

German Interior Federal Minister Dr. Thomas de Maizière celebrated the month of fasting in Islam together with Muslims and non-Muslims in occasion of Ramadan. (more)

Germany to Assume Presidency over Next G7 Session
Berlin; July 07th, 2014

Starting from July 1st, Germany will assume presidency over the next G7 session; an international grouping which encompasses the world’s leading industrialised countries. The G7 focuses on the area of… (more)
Merkel goes to China.jpg

Merkel Goes on a Four Day Tour to China
Berlin; July 04th, 2014

On Saturday, July 4th, Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel is departing for her four day tour of the Republic of China. This time around she will be visiting Mal Chengdu and Peking.… (more)


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