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The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Berlin


Address: Hubertusallee 43, 14193 Berlin, Germany

Tel:(+49) 30 219 16 13
      (+49) 30 206 48 063 (Consul)

Fax: (+49) 30 219 161 52

Email: berlin@mission.mfa.gov.az

Website: www.azembassy.de

The Ambassador

Amb. Pariz Shahbazov


Amb. Pariz Shahbazov studied at the State Oil Academy in Baku before embarking on his career at the Foreign Ministry.

From 1992-1996 Amb. Shahbazov worked for the ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Bonn. Following his position at the Republic of Azerbaijan in Bonn, Amb. Shahbazov spent four years working at the State Department in various positions, successfully progressing to Head of Department. From 2002-2005 Amb. Shahbazov worked in the business sector in Austria before becoming the ambassador of Azerbaijan in Germany.



Over the last two decades, the bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Germany have developed significantly.  The exchange of official visits and extensive contacts between the business communities of the two states have played an important role towards transforming the bilateral relations between Baku and Berlin from formal and official diplomatic contacts into a strategic partnership that continues to flourish every day.

On Wednesday January 21st, 2015 the president of Azerbaijan paid an official visit to Germany, marking an important mile stone in the strategic relations between Azerbaijan and one of the largest economies of Europe.