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Germany Willing to Help Mozambique in the Pursuit of Peace

April 20th, 2016
S.C., News from Berlin

“The German government is willing to help Mozambique in their effort of pursuit of peace through dialogue”, said yesterday the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, in a meeting with the President, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, during an official visit of two days in the European country. However, Angela Merkel underlined that the first responsibility is of Mozambicans, to restore peace in the country by peaceful means through dialogue.

"During our long discussion we felt that, through Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany predisposes itself to support all efforts of the Government of Mozambique to find peace as soon as possible, "said the President, speaking to the press moments after the conclusion of the meeting between the two. Filipe Nyusi explained to the German Chancellor in a detailed, accurate, precise and open way what is happening in the country. According to the two governments, once peace is attained, everything can happen to a country that aspires to progress especially at a time when many investments in the mining area, in hydrocarbons, agriculture and energy are expected.

"We want investors and investments to flow. We are doing everything so that this peace stabilizes itself and ensures all stakeholders: Germans, Europeans, Americans, everyone who wants to invest in Mozambique, with Mozambican partners.” said Filipe Nyusi. However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that her country is following with concern the political and military situation in Mozambique, " the efforts that President Filipe Nyusi has done for national reconciliation and to overcome this conflict."She added that Germany is interested in seeing this crisis overcome so that they can proceed with the reconstruction of the country and bring the economy forward.

The German Minister stressed that "we made ​​our offer to help so that the efforts that the President has made ​​Nyusi have continuity and success. We will support so that there is a peaceful and without problems. “
In the bilateral meeting yesterday, the two leaders reconfirmed the excellent relations of cooperation and friendship between the two countries.


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